What is Founded In Bulgaria?

Founded In Bulgaria brings you the stories of successful startups founded in Bulgaria or by at least one Bulgarian co-founder. We conduct short interviews with their founders, where they share good practices, lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, as well as highs and lows in their journeys (similar to How I Built This).
With Founded In Bulgaria, we want to help motivate and empower you to achieve your goals, but also to spread the knowledge of successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

What is not?

Founded In Bulgaria is not a database of all startups in Bulgaria. Instead, we select a number of startups with proven traction and reach out to their founders for an interview.

Can my startup get listed?

Sure! To get listed on Founded In Bulgaria, your startup must have provable traction. We know... traction can be a very subjective measure! But rest assured that we to be as objective as humanly possible. Just head to our submission form and follow the guidelines.

Who makes it?

Dimitar Raykov and Dimitar Nikolov made (and continue to make) this...
Special thanks to Joro Yordanov for providing Kobalt, a lightweight Kirby theme that Founded In Bulgaria runs on, for free.

Logos & Buttons

Here you can find Founded In Bulgaria’s official logo and some cool buttons that can put in your startup’s website.